My Hair Color

🇫🇷 J’aime de plus en plus aborder la thématique “cheveux” sur le blog car, maintenant, je les fais passer avant le makeup. Si l’on me dit que je n’ai pas le temps de me préparer et que je dois choisir entre maquillage ou coiffure, ce sera coiffure ! Alors, autant en prendre soin tout au long de l’année et surtout, connaître la couleur qui nous correspond le mieux… et dans mon cas ça n’a pas été si évident ! 🇬🇧 I like more and more to talk about my hair on the blog because, now I make them go before the makeup. If I am told that I do not have time to get ready and I have to choose between makeup or hairstyle, I will pick hairstyle! So, its necessary to take care throughout the year and to know the color that suits the best … and in my…
16 October 2017
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Layering Skincare

It’s been so long that I wanted to share a skincare routine! Skincare, for the past year, has been my number 1 concern even before makeup. I own a very good collection, and became very picky when it comes to brands I accept to use. I use some products on-repeat and I still love to test new things, but I now know my skin very well and what works at what time. And, most of all, I designed a very complete routine, for night, day and even weekends! Let’s take a glimpse into my bathroom and learn how to layer like a pro.
10 September 2017
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Le Lissage Brésilien

Cela fait plusieurs mois que j’ai envie de passer par la case lissage brésilien – surtout avant mes vacances où, franchement, je n’ai pas envie de me prendre la tête ! J’ai eu la chance d’être contactée par un salon Parisien pour, justement, tester cette prestation et vous relater mon expérience.
19 July 2017
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Self-Tanning like a pro

The French market is slowly beginning to grow in terms of self-tanning products. Two specialized brands stand out today: St Tropez and Vita Liberata. I am not going to go through the different evolutions of the self-tanner, but you may know that it’s now possible to make an application easy and without demarcations. Here is my little tutorial!
26 June 2017
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Sanoflore & Peppermint

You followed it on Instastory, I left for two days in the Vercos with Sanoflore, to discover their land and their laboratory. The opportunity also to have a gastronomic experience at the Maison Pic, located in Valence, in the same corner.
8 June 2017
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