Silver is In

Silver is in this season, an so is vinyl. Obviously, I cannot miss this trend and this cute jacket from Courrèges, the iconic bit of the brand. If you think that composing an outfit around this statement piece was a challenge, you’re so wrong. I think I took the risky side associating it with a velvet skirt (you know, two strong fabrics…), but I will definitely wear it on-repeat: with a dress, a high-waisted pair of jeans or even matchy-matchy sneakers (seen here).
14 September 2017
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Made for Me

🇬🇧 I always had a diverse character. Like rigor or perfectionism, I’ve long time considered it as a flaw. A flaw because, as a blogger, I did not really know in which box I was going, but especially other were going, to put me. It’s true that when you think about it, many women build an online identity around something strong and a specific universe. So when Lacoste invited me to collaborate with them as part of their heir new #MadeForHer sneakers collection, we immediately thought of diversity. 🇫🇷 J’ai toujours eu un caractère très versatile. Tout comme la rigueur ou le perfectionnisme, j’ai pendant longtemps considéré ça comme un défaut. Un défaut car, en tant que blogueuse, je ne savais pas vraiment dans quelle case j’allais, mais surtout on allait, me mettre. C’est vrai que, quand on regarde, beaucoup de femmes construisent une identité autour de quelque chose de fort et…
12 September 2017
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The Denim Annoyment

I absolutely wanted to talk about that MSGM ruffle top. At first, I imagined an outfit with a cool pair of black skinny jeans. I was dying over an Acne or 7fam one, but my timing was too short and I had to get a B option. So, I bought an average black skinny jeans and I realized something very, very, important. PS: this post is the first I’m writing in english, like, straight from my mind. I usually write in french and then translate it – so, please, be indulgent!
7 September 2017
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Work + Blog Organization

September means back to work, fashion month and head full of projects. When you have a blog and a job at the same time, organization is a thing that you don’t want to miss. During the past few months, I struggled to get sh** done and prioritize my tasks. But, since it’s all about plan and do, plan and do, I found the best tools to claim days full of productivity. I strongly believe that success means organization and today, I share with you 3 things that help me to organize my days, weeks and months.
4 September 2017
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Porto Vecchio

When Summer Ends …

Before summer ends, I wanted to share a few pictures that we made in our Corsican garden. For this series, I chose some outfits from & Other Stories, one of the eshop I’m obsessed with at the moment. Perfect and feminine cuts and very well picked color palettes is all that I needed to create a perfect capsule wardrobe.
29 August 2017
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