Closet Detox

The detox is trendy: food, makeup, digital … But today the subject is our closets. Honestly, I’ve been into it for more than 3 months. Yes, 3 months that this subject obsesses me. I asked myself about 1,000 questions; I sorted, hesitated, given, experienced, sold, bought, re-organized until I came to a conclusion: I definitely had to re-think how I consume. I know, this may sound strange in an era where you want to have more, always more “choice”. Especially as a woman, who never has enough pairs of shoes for example!
14 May 2015
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In My Mind

Mes Résolutions Fitness !

Chaque année, le nouveau souffle apporté par la première page d’un nouveau chapitre, nous exalte au point de faire des résolutions – que l’on ne va encore pas tenir. Malgré toute notre volonté, rien n’y fait !
5 January 2015
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