Work + Blog Organization

September means back to work, fashion month and head full of projects. When you have a blog and a job at the same time, organization is a thing that you don’t want to miss. During the past few months, I struggled to get sh** done and prioritize my tasks. But, since it’s all about plan and do, plan and do, I found the best tools to claim days full of productivity. I strongly believe that success means organization and today, I share with you 3 things that help me to organize my days, weeks and months.
4 September 2017
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Porto Vecchio

When Summer Ends …

Before summer ends, I wanted to share a few pictures that we made in our Corsican garden. For this series, I chose some outfits from & Other Stories, one of the eshop I’m obsessed with at the moment. Perfect and feminine cuts and very well picked color palettes is all that I needed to create a perfect capsule wardrobe.
29 August 2017
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#AbsKitchen : Ice Cream

I am currently boiling in Corsica with temperatures similar to those of an eastern desert, and all I can think: enjoy a good ice cream! To continue the #AbsKitchen series – yummy, homemade and healthy recipes – I made a compilation of delicious and visually validated ice cream recipes. Being a poor cooker, I find it difficult to propose recipes myself (see previous edition), so I thought that it would be nice to share the recipes that I pin on Pinterest but by topic.
6 August 2017
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Instagram & Holidays

What if we take advantage of the holidays to upgrade our Instagram feed? Whether you want to share your photos with family and friends, whether you have an account just for fun or you have a blog, Instagram is a very visual social network that can allow you to reveal your passions … and so much more!
1 August 2017
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Wedding Season !

The wedding season is well under way, but I wanted to share with you this outfit, which I believe ideal as a guest! A mix of lace and fun accessories, to be sure not to wear the same thing as another (a.k.a, the drama).
26 July 2017
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