Saint Tropez

St Tropez Diary

Saint Tropez was the destination of my holidays when I was 18 years old. And still, I went there only at night to party. For me, the city was resumed in a port of luxury yachts and many, far too many tourists. And then, the clubs, of course. So, I was very happy with this little off-season weekend to discover the city with another eye.
22 June 2017
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Address : Borgo Delle Tovaglie

Saturday, 12am, we went to Borgo Delle Tovaglie for the brunch. A small Italian café nestled in a decoration shop (made in Italy, of course). Honestly, I did not expect to find out what I’m going to tell you below. Guided tour.
1 June 2017
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Trouville Escape

This week, I escaped to Trouville for a few days. The opportunity to discover this corner of France – Calvados – that I know little, enjoy the sun and stay at the Cures Marines Hotel.
14 May 2017
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West Indies

Marie-Galante + Les Saintes

You’ll take a large dose of blue in this article about the West Indies, and more precisely two islands of the Guadeloupe archipelago. I went to Marie-Galante, with a small visit also on the island of Les Saintes. As we traveled around these two small islands, I wanted to talk about it and all you need to know if you want to get there. Otherwise, you are also welcome to take full advantage of all the photos!
10 April 2017
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